Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Letter for My Birthday

The past week or so has been particularly sad and difficult for me and full of tears. I have been intensely missing Kristen.
And today is my birthday. And guess what I found while looking through my nightstand last night: a very recent, unopened card from Kristen.

On the front:
Love is the passionate dance between two hearts.
It is to believe in the dream, and together make it real.
-Sylvana Rossetti

Inside (edited):
My dearest David,
It is true what I said the other day - I love you more every day as you help me through these difficult and painful days. I believe God has prepared us for these moments. Your love for me is modeled after Christ's love for me. I know that God's love for us will carry us through these painful days . . .
God has never asked us to understand and get over it. He wants to be the one we go to in our grief, in our weeping, and in our remembering of our joyful days, which will come again.
The greatest blessing Christ has given to you and me is Samuel Stone Hartland. He is our legacy and he will always be our miracle . . . Sam is another chord God has linked us together with, one that will never be broken . . . I know I've said it a hundred times and no one should ever make you doubt that you are an amazing dad. I really believe it is a gift from God . . .
We will still pray every day for a miracle, but if God doesn't give us one it doesn't change a single thing. His love is still the same, our love is still the same, and our love for Sam is still the same. Never question those things they are truth.
I love you with all that I am - heart, body, and soul.